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Some people plan their travel in advance, others opt for spontaneous trips. If you’re in the first group, no doubt you spend a lot of your time searching for cheap flights. But when are the cheapest flights? We’ve collected data over a number of months to help you plan the best time for a European city break.

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European city breaks are popular for good reason. In just a few days, you can easily see all the most significant sights, enjoy local attractions, sample culinary specialties and generally enjoy a well-earned break from your daily routine. A typical city break usually has another important advantage – the price. If you plan your quick getaway in advance, you can save plenty on flights, accommodation, entrance tickets and meals.

Europe’s most popular city break destinations in Europe include Rome, Paris, London, Barcelona and Athens. Check below for the best times to book your stay in these great cities. Once you’ve chosen your destination and know the date of your next trip, set up an eSky Price Alert. We’ll let you know when your air tickets are available at the best prices.

Woman enjoying breakfast in Rome © iStock
Woman enjoying breakfast in Rome © iStock

Paris, The City of Lights

The capital of France is a place adored by artists, fashion lovers and romantic couples from around the world. A stay in Paris is not complete without visiting the Eiffel Tower and walking the Champs Elysées. If the budget allows, you can also visit the iconic Moulin Rouge cabaret and Europe’s most famous museum, the Louvre. Paris is like a glass of wine that you savour – discover 5 Parisian cafes where you can enjoy the authentically French atmosphere of poets, musicians and many other luminaries before you. Want to know more about the capital of France?

City break in Paris © Martyna Górna
City break in Paris © Martyna Górna

When to fly to Paris?

You can find the cheapest flights to Paris in January, February (excluding Valentine’s Day) and March. The average ticket price for this period in 2022 was €115. End-of-year city breaks are also a good idea – during the last quarter of 2022, the average price for a ticket to the French capital was €170.

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Pay a visit to the King in London

A traditional full English breakfast of eggs, bacon and beans (don’t forget the cup of tea!) will set you up for a day of intensive sightseeing. One of the British capital’s greatest attractions is Buckingham Palace, the official residence of the newly-crowned King Charles III. When travelling around London, you can admire many of the city’s sights and symbols for free – including the London Eye, Big Ben, The Houses of Parliament and Tower Bridge – from top deck of a famous red double-decker bus. London also offers free entrance to the vast majority of its museums – here are the TOP 5 London museums that are worth visiting. Need a rest? Visit Hyde Park, the city’s green lungs!

City break in London © iStock
City break in London © iStock

When is the best time to fly to London?

The first and the last quarter of the year are excellent choices. The average price for a plane ticket in January, February and March 2022 was only €149, while in October, November and December it was €163.

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Art, tapas and football in Barcelona

The capital of Catalonia teems with life all year round. It’s easy to spend a lovely time here sampling tapas and wine in the small local bars and cafes. Meanwhile, art lovers will surely be delighted with the La Sagrada Familia Cathedral, which is still under construction; the Picasso Museum or a fascinating tour around Antoni Gaudi’s Parc Guell. Barcelona is also home to some of the most famous fashion boutiques, along with gorgeous city beaches and an amusement park. Do you enjoy photography? Be sure to check out 5 places in Barcelona where you need to take photos!

Woman in front of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona © iStock
Woman in front of Sagrada Familia, Barcelona © iStock

Barcelona in October is a great choice. Flights in October, November and December 2022 cost an average of €175, and you’ll also get beautiful weather in the package. An even cheaper option is to travel in the first part of the year, with January, February and March 2022 seeing an average price of €135.

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La Dolce Vita in Rome, the Eternal City

Rome is renowned for its, breathtaking monuments, such as the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. While in the Italian capital, be sure to make time to visit the Vatican. The most popular places to sit and watch the world go by are Piazza Navona and the Spanish Steps, although there are plenty more spots to discover. One of the great joys of Italy is its food, and we’ve rounded up what is worth trying during a culinary city break in Rome. Want to feel like a movie star? Take a journey following the trail of movie stars.

Couple in front of Coloseum, Rome © iStock
Couple in front of Coloseum, Rome © iStock

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It is said that all roads lead to Rome, however, if you go by air, cheap flights to Rome fall in the first months of the year – in 2022, the average price of tickets in the first quarter was €169. April, May and June, with their moderate temperatures, warm sunshine sun and tickets costing an average of €201 await you.

Athens, the city of contrasts

The capital of Greece is not only full of ancient monuments, but also a modern metropolis. While here, head to the Panathenaic Stadium built of marble, the Theater of Dionysus and Hadrian’s Arch. The biggest attraction of Athens is of course the Acropolis where, on certain days, you can visit for free. Check out our article on the free attractions of Athens, where will discover interesting and affordable corners of the city. Do you prefer a more modern version of the Greek capital? Be sure to visit Ermou Street, a lively shopping destination.

Woman visitting Acropolis of Athens © iStock
Woman visitting Acropolis of Athens © iStock

Among the Christmas shops there are also suppliers of always great-tasting mulled wine, roasted almonds and fruit breads, as well as Christmas tree decorations made of dried figs. Zwetschgen-Männle, or figurines made of plums or dried fruit, are a classic here. The most popular German Christkindlesmarkt runs from late November until Christmas Eve, transporting you back in time to the era of mediaeval castles, feasts and elaborate costumes.

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