Do you follow sports with bated breath? Why not combine your 2023 travel plans with tickets to some of 2023’s major sporting events?. Wimbledon, the Champions League and the Giro d’Italia cycling race are all waiting for fans! And if you prefer to spend your leisure time being active, lace up your running shoes and take part in the New York Marathon!

Wimbledon – London

This prestigious tennis tournament attracts sports enthusiasts from all over the world each year. The very best spectator seats are occupied by celebrities from the pages of your favourite magazine, while strawberries with cream washed down with a glass of Pimms have become a cult treat for visitors. If you want to see a Grand Slam live on grass courts, start planning your trip now. When does Wimbledon start? This year’s tournament will last from 3 to 16 July 2023 and takes place in the prestigious district of Wimbledon, just to the south west of central London. Wimbledon 2023 is not only a showcase for the very best tennis players, but also a proving ground for any new changes to the game’s rules. This year, the format of the men’s doubles (maximum three sets) is changing, and the dress code now includes colourful skirts for the players.

Wimbledon's main court © Shep McAllister on unsplash
Wimbledon’s main court © Shep McAllister on unsplash

How much do Wimbledon tickets cost? Ticket prices range from just £8 to around £255, depending on which day and court you wish to attend. And here’s the important information – if you didn’t manage to get tickets, you can do so on the day of the match. How to buy Wimbledon tickets? The famous queue, which stretches down to the nearby Wimbledon Park is part of the tournament’s folklore. Every day, 500 tickets are added to the pool for the popular Centre Court, Court 1 and Court 2 matches.

For the remaining courts, the organisers have several thousand tickets at their disposal, available on a first come, first served basis. Cheaper tickets to Wimbledon are available by purchasing a grounds pass, which is a pass to the events areas not covered by reservations and to games played on the less popular courts. Many people choose to spectate from Henman Hill, where – weather permitting – you can gather with a picnic blanket and follow the match. You can also check with the sales office for ticket returns games played later in the day on the main courts.

Don’t worry if you’re unable to get Wimbledon 2023 tickets as the atmosphere of the tournament is felt literally everywhere, with fan zones created all over London. Shop windows are decorated with tennis rackets and you can pick up a sweet tennis-themed dessert with famous candies from Maria Sharapova.

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Champions League Final – Istanbul

It’s time for football played at the highest level. Where will the 22/23 Champions League Final take place? This year, football fans will be hosted by the Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul where the 2023 Champions League Final takes place on June 10 in front of up to 70,000 football enthusiasts. All information about how to buy tickets will be released in March, with the allocation split between the official organiser’s website and the participating clubs. If we look at last year’s Champions League Final, tickets were available for between €70 and €690, with this year’s prices expected to be slightly higher.

Football match © Tembela Bohle on Pexels
Football match © Tembela Bohle on Pexels

The Champions League Final also offers visiting fans a great opportunity to see the city. So, what to see in Istanbul? The list of monuments is long and includes the spectacular Hagia Sophia, the Suleymaniye Mosque and the Blue Mosque. We would also highly recommend visiting the markets and museums as well as tasting the famous Turkish tea and sweets before you leave.

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Giro d’Italia – Italy-wide

Do you prefer two wheels? Plan a city break in Italy to marvel at the famous cycling race with excellent views guaranteed! When does the 2023 Giro d’Italia start? You will be able to cheer on the cyclists between 6 and 28 May along three individual time trial stages and six stages that take place on routes over 200 km. How many kilometers is the Giro d’Italia? The cyclists have a distance of 3,448 km to cover and then Giro d’Italia route is divided into 21 stages. The first one starts in Fossacesia Marina and ends in Ortono, a total of 18.4 km. This is also the first stage of the individual time trial, so both the competitors and the fans have plenty to focus on from the very first seconds of the race. The Giro d’Italia final will be held in Rome.

A part of Giro d'Italia going through Stelvio pass © shutterstock
A part of Giro d’Italia going through Stelvio pass © shutterstock

The 2023 Giro d’Italia tour is demanding, but picturesque. You can follow the cyclists along the route or stay in a specific town, or combine this with a stay in Rome for the grand finale. One thing is for sure – whatever you decide, you can enjoy delicious Italian cuisine, famous sights and sunny weather.

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New York Marathon, NYC

The New York Marathon 2023 is perfect for people who enjoy spending their holidays actively. The iconic run through the streets of New York is one of the largest marathons in the world, with over 50,000 people taking part every year! If you’d like to join them, you should book your place now as spots are in high demand. When is the NYC Marathon? This year’s run will take place on November 5, with applications for the start package draw closing on February 22. Missed the deadline? There are also other ways that you can sign up for the New York Marathon. You can organise the trip yourself and run on behalf of a charity that will sell you a starting package, or if you are an elite runner, you may also be invited to participate by the organisers. The New York Marathon distance is 42.195 km and those that make the finishing line can experience satisfaction, a commemorative medal and a mention in a special commemorative edition of the New York Times.

New York Marathon © Spencer Imbrok on Unsplash
New York Marathon © Spencer Imbrok on Unsplash

Would you prefer to visit the New York Marathon as a spectator? On November 5, New York transforms into a huge fan zone, with the streets filled with cheering residents, tourists and media from around the world. Book a flight to New York in advance to experience the highs and lows for yourself.

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