Cyprus is an ideal destination for lovers of active holidays. The azure sea, majestic mountains and wilderness stretching to the horizon make this the island of opportunities. Fancy diving, trekking in the mountains and cycling trips, all in one destination? There’s all this and more in Cyprus! Is Cyprus a good place to go on holiday? Check out our tips!

Known as the island of Aphrodite, Cyprus has been one of Europe’s most popular holiday destinations for almost a decade. And it’s easy to see why tourists are attracted to this small country. Beautiful nature,historic monuments, sunny weather almost all year round and low prices make Cyprus an attractive proposal, as does its relatively compact size.A holiday in Cyprus is perfect for your holiday 2023 – especially if you like being active. 

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Active holidays in Cyprus – mountain hikes

If you live hiking then Cyprus should definitely be on your “must-visit” list. The island offers interesting hiking trails that stretch from its peaks to its rugged coastal cliffs, each showcasing its own, magnificent panorama! Most importantly, the island has ideal conditions for trekking almost all year round. In summer, it is best to head out before dawn or at sunset when it is cooler. So, where should you go on holiday in Cyprus if you’d like to stretch your legs and enjoy the views?

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We recommend the trails that run through the Troodos Mountains in the west of Cyprus. The highest peak in this range is Olympus, which towers 1952 m above sea level. In the valleys and on the slopes you’ll not only find beautiful, untamed nature, but also the charming vineyards of Krasochoria, historic UNESCO-protected monasteries in Kykkos and the villages of Omodos and Louvaras. You can also admire the power of nature at the Mylomeri or Kalidonia waterfalls. Trek to the white chalk cliffs of Cape Aspro for scenic views at 250 m above sea level. Stretching between Pissouri Bay and Pissouri Village, it is easy to see why this is considered one of the most beautiful places on the island.

Holiday 2023 in Cyprus – water sports

For many, Cyprus is synonymous with excellent water sports and seaside relaxation. Surrounded by the warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the island of Aphrodite is a paradise for divers and snorkellers. If you want to feel something more thrilling, head to the Akamas Peninsula – one of the wildest places in all of Cyprus. It is almost uninhabited and offers beautiful sandy bays with azure waters. From its port, there are excursion boats that leave to Latchi for offshore snorkelling and the shipwreck of the MS Zenobia near Larnaca is a big attraction.

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Where can you admire the underwater world on your holiday in Cyprus? The areas around the smaller islands like Khamilis that lie off the coast of Cyprus are perfect for snorkeling. There you will find coral reefs and man-made underwater rock corridors in which colourful fish hide. Do you like windsurfing? The best surf spots on the island include Kyrenia, Faros Beach in Larnaca, Paramali Beach in Limassol and Helios Bay in Paphos. There are also SUP rentals, sailboats and jet skis here.

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Holiday 2023 – Cyprus for adrenaline lovers

Where is the best place to go in Cyprus if you want to feel the adrenaline rush of off-road driving? Undoubtedly this is in the Troodos Mountains, which offer countless turns, amazing views, wild nature and atmospheric villages filled with monasteries and churches. One of the favorite 4×4 or quad routes leads to the village of Kakopetria and the church of Agios Nikolaos tis Stegis through a now-closed chromium mine. Other off-road routes can be found around the village of Vavtsina. Sounds like your dream holiday in Cyprus? What you need to know before you go off-road? Cyprus drives on the left. If you don’t feel confident behind the wheel, you can also choose package tours where you can be driven by an experienced 4×4 guide. 

Active holiday – Cyprus by bike

If you prefer two-wheels to four, Cyprus will not disappoint. Although the sun can really burn during the long summer days, there are plenty of peaceful bicycle routes to enjoy in the early morning or after dusk. Do you dream of cycling around Cyprus? What is worth seeing? The routes through the Athalassa National Park pass around Nicosia’s olive groves, through small villages known for their halloumi and their vineyards. Cycling routes from Limassol (e.g. to Paphos) usually follow the coast or pass through eucalyptus forests. In and around the Agia Napa region and Cape Greko you can enjoy short, relatively easy, but still scenic routes through the villages of Liopetri and Frenaros.

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Cyprus 2023 – swimming in the natural pools

Cyprus is famous for its clear natural rock pools and waterfall bathing. Where can you swim? We recommend the waterfalls and natural pools known as Adonis Baths near the village of Kili, or the Bath of Aphrodite near the village of Latch. In both places you will find natural basins hollowed out in the rocks filled with crystal-clear water filled by picturesque waterfalls. They are some of the most important attractions in Cyprus and are beautiful places to visit.. A natural swim here is the perfect antidote to the heat of the summer.

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According to Cypriot folklore, bathing in the place of conception of Adonis and Aphrodite’s children is supposedly good for fertility and you’ll find statues of these Greek gods standing here to remind you of this. Other beautiful waterfalls include the Caledonian Waterfall in Platres – one of the highest on the island. Almost all trails in the area lead to it, making for a pleasant day of walking and swimming Other interesting Cypriot waterfalls include Millomeris, which is much more difficult to get to for beginner-level hikers, as well as Mesa Potamos. Unlike the Baths of Adonis and Baths of Aphrodite, the pools beneath these waterfalls are not so deep, and access is more difficult.



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