Imagine cycling through green olive groves until you reach the beach, the crystal clear sea stretching out in front of you. The soft buzz of conversation, the delicious scent of ouzo and grilled seafood... to experience this little slice of heaven, look to the paradise island of Kos.

This green oasis in the Aegean Sea is the most tranquil of all the Greek islands. Due to the lush vegetation that covers the island, it is known as a floating garden. Thanks to its less mountainous terrain, it is also perfect for both short and longer bike rides that can be combined with relaxation by the sea. Discover the five most beautiful beaches in Kos that are accessible by two wheels.

View of one of the Kos' lagoons © shutterstock
View of one of the Kos’ lagoons © shutterstock

Psalidi beach – chill out with views of Turkey

Close to Kos town is the pebble beach of Psalidi, about six kilometres from the island’s capital. You can easily reach it by bike, shaded by plane and palm trees. Spread out on the beach and admire the clear waters of the Aegean Sea, views of the entire Kos coast, the surrounding mountains and across to neighbouring Turkey. You can hire sunbeds and parasols and indulge in blissful laziness here. Due to its location on the outskirts of Kos Town, you will find Psadali less crowded and quieter than the city beaches.

There are many tavernas and bars serving local cuisine in the area and, after a day at the beach you can visit the nearby Psadali Wildlife Sanctuary.This veritable kingdom of greenery is home to pistachio trees, reeds and a wide variety of marsh plants, along with a lagoon and sand dunes. Countless species of birds – seagulls, herons and cormorants – will delight your ears.

Beach rating from Google Maps: 5/5

Sunbeds on Tigaki beach © shutterstock
Sunbeds on Tigaki beach © shutterstock

Tigaki Beach – magical sunsets

This wide sandy beach, washed by the calm waters of the Aegean Sea, is about eleven kilometres from Kos Town and there are two cycling routes to choose from. The first takes you directly to the beach along the coast with flat terrain allowing you to admire the sea views to your heart’s content. The second route is a little longer and passes through the villages of Asfendiou and Zipari –  real Greek villages set in picturesque green landscapes with unhurried local lifestyles.

Buy attraction tickets and book a car before you go!

A road full of flowers and greenery will lead you to Tigaki Beach. After descending to the sea, you will find white, soft sand, sunbeds and umbrella rentals along with tavernas and pubs. The beach offers ideal conditions for sunbathing and swimming without the hustle and bustle and it is worth staying here until the evening, where you can glimpse the most beautiful sunset on Kos with a glass of wine in your hand.

Beach rating from Google Maps: 4.5/5

Sunset at Magic Beach © iStock
Sunset at Magic Beach © iStock

Polemi Beach (Magic Beach) – a wild beach among the trees

This beach isn’t as easy to reach as the previous two, but it’s definitely worth the effort. The fatigue of a 30-kilometre bike ride is rewarded with postcard-perfect views. Golden sand, azure waters and absolute peace and quiet – what more could you ask for? The wild location means that there are no buildings around the beach –  no wonder this is a popular beach with nudists. Who knows – you might even try sunbathing au naturel yourself?

You can often find a peacock strutting down by the beach and he is happy to pose for photographs with tourists. On the way to Polemi Beach you can also stop in the surrounding villages and sample the local delicacies. A bike ride enables you to admire the stunning landscapes of this, the greenest of the Greek islands. At the entrance to the beaches you can see that Kos is indeed a land of milk and honey and take home a souvenir of real Greek honey.

Beach rating from Google Maps: 4.7/5

Agios Stefanos © shutterstock
Agios Stefanos © shutterstock

Agios Stefanos beach – to the sea among flowers

Almost at the other end of the island, some 30 kilometres south-west of Kos Town, a real gem is hidden among the cliffs and rocks –  Agios Stefanos Beach. On the way, you can visit the ruins of the Basilica of Saint Stephen that date back to the fifth century and the town itself is full of greenery and beautiful flowers.

The beach offers more than just relaxing, sunbathing and swimming. You will also be amazed by the scenery. From the shore you can see the nearby islet of Kastri with its deserted castle. You can even hire a pedal boat and go there – or, if you’re brave enough, swim! Take the time to don a snorkel and mask and explore the mini coral reefs in the clear waters.

Beach rating from Google Maps: 4.6/5

Lambi beach on Kos © shutterstock
Lambi beach on Kos © shutterstock

Lambi Beach – Relax in the heart of the city

One of Kos Town’s city beaches, you can reach Lambi by bike along the picturesque promenade. The beach itself is flat and we’d recommend an evening ride or visiting at sunrise. The turquoise waters are perfect for a swim and there are many tavernas and bars in the area. You can relax, eat seafood and watch the sunset with a glass of ouzo in your hand.

Lambi Beach offers a beautiful, relaxing view of the Aegean Sea, the green mountains and the surrounding coastline. On a clear day you can also see the nearby islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos. After sunset, the beach area is full of nightlife – you can see that the green island offers not only beautiful scenery, but also a truly Greek way of life.

Beach rating from Google Maps: 4.4/5

View of Aegean Sea © shutterstock
View of Aegean Sea © shutterstock

Relax in Kos and explore the Greek lifestyle

Kos has many beautiful beaches. When exploring the island by bike, you are sure to come across less popular beaches or even quite wild coastlines, discover Greek culture and see for yourself why Kos is called the floating garden of the Aegean.

You can plan your own trip to this greenest of Greek islands or use the services of a travel agent to combine active recreation with total relaxation. The island’s beautiful landscapes will remain in your memory for a long time and are sure to lure you back.



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