Azure waters, green palm trees and pink sand beneath your feet... sounds like something out of Barbie's world, right? But places like this really do exist and some of them are closer than you think! Others may be a little more effort to reach, but we promise that it’s worth it! 

What they all have in common is an amazing pink colour that harmonises perfectly with the clear blue sky and sea. The pink colour of these beaches is not only due to the proximity of coral reefs, but also down to the pink and red foraminifera and bryozoan shells. Their crushed particles mix with the sand and shimmer brilliantly in the sun. If this all sounds like a fairy tale, why not check out Five pink properties for your next holiday and live your Barbie dream?

Elafonisi, Greece

Crete is proof that you don’t have to fly to the other side of the world to relax on a pink beach. Take a short flight to Chania, also known as Heraklionthen drive to the Elafonisi lagoon and take a walk to the picturesque islet of the same name. The isthmus between the two is filled with shallow, crystal-clear water. At low tide, the water level drops so that you can walk the distance between them with dry feet.

Elafonisi, Crete, Greece
Elafonisi, Crete, Greece © shutterstock

The characteristic salmon colour of this beach is the result of crushed red foraminiferal shells, coral particles and light sand. What can you do here? Elafonisi has much more to offer than just the perfect backdrop for your holiday photos.

There is a nature reserve on the island where you can see wild turtles and a picturesque lighthouse. On the Crete side of the island, there is a perfectly manicured beach with sunbeds, a bar and palm leaf umbrellas, offering the perfect casual, relaxed atmosphere.

Harbour Island, Bahamas

Where might Barbie go on her holidays? The Bahamas, of course! We think the eastern part of this paradise archipelago would definitely catch her attention! One of the islands there – Harbour Island, next to North Eleuthera – is famous for its pink beaches with lava rocks washed up on them. To get here, fly into Governor’s Harbour or Rock Sound, then take a short boat ride straight to this fairytale beach in the perfect coral colour. Particles of coral and foraminifera shells mixed with white sand are especially easy to spot on the east coast of the island, not far from Devil’s Backbone Reef. The beach here seems endless, stretching for up to five kilometres! There is plenty of room for everyone as the beach is 15 to 30 metres wide.

Harbour Island (Bahamas)
Harbour Island (Bahamas) © shutterstock

What else makes this place different from other pink beaches? You will find an extremely intense shade of pink here, especially on the wet sand close to the waterline. And, thanks to the cooling Atlantic Ocean breeze that blows across it, you can walk barefoot on the local beaches even during the sunniest part of the day.

Harbour Island will appeal to lovers of stylish resorts and nightlife, while scuba diving and snorkelling enthusiasts will love the underwater coral reef cities. More of a walker? Take a stroll along the beach from the town to Lava Rock Point in the north of the island – great views guaranteed!

Komodo Island, Indonesia

The Indonesian archipelago of the Lesser Sunda Islands is a veritable treasure trove of pink beaches. You can find them not only on the islands of Lombok (Tangs Beach), Padar (Pink Beach) and North Sulawesi (Serai Beach), but also on Komodo, for example in the Komodo National Park. Aside from its namesake dragons, this is the island’s most famous attraction.

To get here, you must first take a flight to Bali or Lombok, followed by a local flight to the fishing village of Labuan Bajo. Alternatively, you can also take a boat trip to what is arguably the most beautiful beach in Indonesia, Pantai Merah. Want the perfect photo for Instagram? You’ll find it right here!

Komodo (Indonesia) © shutterstock
Komodo (Indonesia) © shutterstock

There are a dozen pink beaches on the island, but some are difficult to reach from the mainland. It’s worth considering water transport and enjoying the charms of this place in solitude! The azure waters of the Indian Ocean are a perfect match for the pastel pink of the beach and the intense green of the plants growing on the slopes of this mountainous island.

If you prefer the comfort of beaches with sunbeds, parasols and a bar serving chilled drinks then this is not the place for you. Indonesia’s pink beaches offer unspoilt nature and peace.

Spiaggia Rossa, Italy

Aside from Crete, the Italian island of Isola Budelli is the only European island offering relaxation on a pink beach. It is located in the La Maddalena archipelago between Sardinia and Corsica and the easiest way to get there is by booking a flight to Figari or Ajacco in France, or to Olbia, Alghero or Cagliarim in Italy, followed by a cruise to this small island from Palau.

Spiaggia Rossa, Isola Budelli (Italy) © shutterstock
Spiaggia Rossa, Isola Budelli (Italy) © shutterstock

It is worth knowing before you go that in 1998 the beach was closed to tourist traffic. There are now heavy fines for entering it, and the only way to see it is by cruise ship. The local authorities acted to protect this unique place for generations to come, and unauthorised entry comes with the risk of fines up to €15,000. Even these hefty penalties don’t always act as a deterrent, with souvenir hunters regularly sneaking ashore to take some sand as a keepsake.

If you are planning a holiday in Sardinia or Corsica, book your cruise to Isola Budelli in advance. Every day in the summer season, up to 12,000 people visit the island. We recommend choosing only licensed companies to be sure that you will keepa safe distance from the shore while at the same time guaranteeing good photos.

Falassarna, Greece

Crete hides another pink treasure – Falassarna Beach. It is located in the north-western part of the island and you can experience the pink and red shells and coral from the nearby reef under your feet. What makes it so different from Elafonisi beach is its tranquil, almost idyllic climate.

Although there are many tourists here, it is always peaceful. How is this possible? Falassarna is not only beautiful, but huge too, and at three kilometres long, there is space for everyone. Here you can not only laze in the shade of an umbrella, but also go windsurfing and snorkelling.

Fallasarna, Crete (Greece)
Fallasarna, Crete (Greece) © shutterstock

Families with children will appreciate this beach, as there are no less than five bays with shallow, warm water, divided into smaller areas, such as Pachia Ammos, Kalami and Agia Paraskevi. This is also a good place to go if you like wildlife as the coastal town of Falassarna has been included in Crete’s Natura 2000 Zone due to its exceptional natural riches. 

As well as pink bays, there are trekking trails and attractions such as the Throne of Poseidon, a rock with breathtaking views of the sea. There are also charming hotels, traditional tavernas serving Cretan cuisine and bars offering not only drinks but also the best views of the glowing pink beach as the sun sets.



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