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Swimsuit, sunscreen, sunglasses, comfortable shoes, a charged phone and Instagram on! Anything else to remember to make your trip one to remember (for all the wrong reasons!)? With a heavy grain of salt, let’s take a look at our top five suggestions for an unsuccessful holiday! 😀

5. Live-stream your holiday

As the old maxim goes: pics or it didn’t happen! The world needs to know that you are hard at work resting, regardless of how long it takes to get the best shot. And never mind the fact that your smile is forced becaus a child just spilled lemonade on you and that stunning beach background is now shrouded in heavy cloud. While we’re at it, make sure you film the entirety of your next live concert instead of enjoying the music. At least your phone’s storage will enjoy the show.

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4. Buy a kitschy souvenir

After all, what is a visit to Paris without an Eiffel Tower keyring ? And what wardrobe could be complete without the original “I Roma” T-shirt, even though it costs 15 euros and the queue at the gift shop stretches down the street? Be sure to plan a route around around every single last stalls – so what if most of these souvenirs are made in China? You have to buy something! If you have children, spend quality family time arguing about an overpriced stuffed bear to cram into your hand luggage.

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3. Reserve your spot on the sun lounger

Ok, so you may not get any sleep, but securing that prime lounger real estate will leave you feeling smug for the rest of your trip. After all, how can you holiday unless you’ve set an alarm for 6am in order to leave your towel on the best poolside lounger? Why not get the whole family involved by taking shifts?

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2. Take a selfie

After all, if you don’t post this funny photo from the Leaning Tower of Pisa on Facebook, no one will believe us that we were there! And since we stood in line for hours and someone pushed in anyway, it’s even more important that we this valuable souvenir! And don’t forget to get in everyone’s way with a selfie on the crowded Spanish Steps (let’s ignore the fact that you can’t see anything except for hundreds of other tourists). In Barcelona, grab a T-shirt and snap a pic that is so unique that nobody else will have it (apart from all the other tourists).

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1. Complain a little

Too hot. Too cold. Too loud. Too expensive. It would be better by the sea. It wouldn’t rain in Egypt. Maybe next time we’ll fly to Turkey instead of boring Spain? Hotel isn’t good, food is hopeless, children are out of control. There will always be a reason to complain and surely it’s better to let out all those feelings than bottle them up? Even if you waste your holiday being negative, at least you’ll have something to talk about…

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Lighten up!

Seriously, let’s take a break. Holidays are the best time to relax and forget worrying about the weather, food, souvenirs and monuments. Let’s enjoy free time with our loved ones, discover new places and acquaintances and bring back the best memories instead of tacky souvenirs and tourist-packed selfies. Let’s explore, but not at any cost. Instead of cheap and nasty souvenirs, maybe it’s worth looking for amber or local handicrafts? Let’s rest and let others rest. Summertime and holidays are the best time of the year. So take it easy!

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