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The last years have popularised remote working among many industries. Increasingly, employers do not require us to come to the office. Such changes in the approach to employment are a perfect time for those who have always dreamt of working from some more or less distant places. Check out how best to organise such a trip, called a workation, and see where digital nomads are most often stationed to combine work with travel adventures.

Workation – what does it mean, and is it possible to combine work with relaxation in warm countries, or even somewhere colder such as Switzerland? How and where to plan your workation. Here’s a list of ideal places to work and relax, along with our personal tips and general advice.

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Workation – what does it mean?

With the emergence of the coronavirus pandemic, the office working model has completely changed. We transformed our flats into a command centre and started working remotely, which was previously a dream for many. Several market surveys confirm this – people have fallen in love with remote working, with as many as 60% wanting to work remotely on a permanent basis.

The next step in the evolution of remote working is working outside the home – in a café (although these are now closed), in a holiday home, or on a foreign trip. In each of these options, we change our surroundings, which allows us not only to work efficiently, but also to be able to have a good cup of coffee or enjoy nice views from the window.

Recent months have shown that combining work with holidays, or any other trip, is both doable and enjoyable. More and more of us are taking trips both at home and abroad to enjoy the sun and work at the same time.

The trend of “workation” is a real revolution. Remote work from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and then relaxing in a beautiful place has a positive impact on our psyche. Afternoons, evenings and weekends spent in an unusual space allow us to relax better and prepare for the next working day.

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How to organise a workation?

Organising a trip always raises a lot of questions, let alone a ‘pool on one side and laptop on your lap’ kind of trip. When planning a trip that you want to combine with work, it is worth bearing in mind the following aspects:

  • agreement with the employer on working hours and possible time differences
  • verification of internet access at the accommodation
  • verification of the electrical outlet in a destination country
  • setting your own daily schedule – when you work, when you rest.

We have selected the most popular destinations to work recommended by others. Check where its best to go.

The Canary Islands © iStock

The Canary Islands © iStock

The Canary Islands

Spain, namely the islands that belong to it, the Canary Islands, have for years been regarded as the Islands of Happiness. This name is not coincidental, as this region of Spain has beautiful weather. The Canaries top our ranking of countries for a workation.

Greece © iStock

Greece © iStock


A destination known and loved for years. We will not tell you all the advantages of going to Greece, because they are obvious – sun, beaches, access to the sea, are just a few of them.

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Italy is a well-known travel destination for both Europeans and other nationalities. The country of history, fashion, and of course outstanding cuisine. For years Italy has been leading the rankings of travel destinations throughout the world and it’s no surprise. Those who have visited Italy once, want to experience more of it.

Italy is also a great destination for a workation, especially during the spring season.



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