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Today we will give you a tour of the most popular museums and art galleries in the world, even without leaving your home.

Louvre in Paris

Louvre is one of the biggest tourist attractions in Paris, going head to head with Eiffel Tower, and a place which you can’t miss when visiting the capital of France. On this website, you will find many interesting halls, in which you can spend hours contemplating art masterpieces. Online tours are available only for some of the exhibitions, but it is no doubt a huge project.

British Museum in London

British Museum is a real treasury of showpieces, which are here in the amount of more than 6 million, and its library can boast a collection of around 7 million published pieces. British Museum takes us through time to various ages by keeping interesting artefacts of many cultures. Here is where the ancient times, the Middle Ages and Renaissance meet.

Museum Oxford England © iStock
Museum Oxford England © iStock

Vatican Museums

Vatican Museums, to which entry usually requires spending a couple of hours in the queue, is a complex of 11 museums with 5 galleries and 1400 halls. The Sistine Chapel with Michael Angelo’s frescoes and Raphaels’ rooms are one of the stops you have to take and see. And thanks to the virtual tour you can skip the line ????

Uffizi Gallery in Florence

Uffizi Gallery, one of the oldest museums in Europe, is the best-known relics in Florence and a place that draws to this Italian city a vast amount of tourists. Among the gallery’s collection predominate pieces of artists from the Italian and Flemish schools, e.g. paintings and sculptures of Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Titian, Raphael, Michael Angelo and many other known artists.

National Archeological Museum in Athens

National Archeological Museum of Athens is often called the Greek Louvre, and it’s not a coincidence. Museum gathered showpieces which were previously scattered around Greece. On two stories 48 exhibit rooms house pieces created between prehistoric times and the late antiquity. We can find there e.g. sculptures, ceramics, metallurgy and a separate room with the mechanism of the clock from Antykithira.

Prado Museum in Madrid

Classical Prado Museum in the capital of Spain, Madrid, is one of the biggest and most important museums of fine arts in the world. Each year collection of more than 1300 paintings attracts tourists and art lovers who want to feel the spirit of great artists and enjoy their work. In its collection museum has also sculptures and craftwork such as ceramics and fans.

Museum Spain © iStock
Museum Spain © iStock

Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is the oldest and the biggest museum in the United States located near Central Park. It is a complex to which belong various art galleries, musical instruments museum, gallery of professional photography and a research library. Museum has a rich collection including i.e. Giotto, Botticelli and Raphael paintings, cameo with bust of Bona Sforza and a marble statue of Perseus holding the head of Medusa.



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