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The United States is one of the most interesting travel destinations. The American dream tempts tourists from all over the world, and countless attractions makes a trip to the USA a good idea at any time of the year. When planning a trip, it is worth focusing on various activities to make the most of the US. It is a country full of contrasts, so creating a travel mix is not difficult. Do you prefer sunny aura or winter landscapes? When it comes to the USA, you don’t have to choose!

California and Big Bear, or snow madness in a sunny state

Let’s start our journey on the west coast of the USA. California is one of the most diverse states in North America – mountains, beaches and deserts await us here. Los Angeles and San Francisco are definitely must-see places on the list of spots to visit. The former attracts fans of Hollywood and the famous Walk of Fame, while the latter inspired designers to feature the iconic Golden Gate Bridge on postcards. Other fairy-tale places in California include Disneyland and iconic beaches. The most popular ones are Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach. The Big Sur region with Pfeiffer Beach and its purple sand await those who prefer less crowded places. The icons of sunny California are also national parks (you should definitely visit Yosemite National Park and Joshua Tree National Park) and the hot Death Valley. It may come as a surprise to many that in California you can also find vineyards, especially in the Napa and Sonoma valleys.

Big Sur, California © iStock
Big Sur, California © iStock

Okay, but is the sun-drenched California the perfect destination for fans of snow madness? Definitely yes! The southern part of California is a place that contracts with palm trees and beaches, but is equally interesting. Big Bear Mountain Resort is located in Big Bear Lake. The San Bernardino Mountains guarantee a beautiful natural landscape and entertainment. The ski resort consists of Snow Summit and Bear Mountain resorts. Here you can avail of a total of over 50 ski and snowboarding routes of various difficulties that are at your disposal. The highest peak of the resort is located at an altitude of 2,684 m above sea level, and black slope enthusiasts can test their skills on the Geronimo route. Add to this off-road parks or crazy pontoon boating on a 300-meter track!

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Big Bear Lake, California © iStock

Hawaii or Alaska? Contrasts over the waters of the Pacific

Another tough choice, but maybe not quite? Sunny Hawaii is a frequent holiday destination for residents of… Alaska! Let’s start, however, with a visit to the archipelago, which welcomes guests with a floral wreath and the shout of “aloha”. It is an ideal place for enthusiasts of water sports and warm wind. The largest island of Hawaii is Hawaii, also known as Big Island, which provides breathtaking views, for example thanks to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park or the viewpoint in the Waipio Valley. Tourists often decide to visit the usually snow-capped peak of Mauna Kea, and after days full of excitement, they relax on the green sands of Green Sand Beach. Hawaii also has its place in history, so visit the Pearl Harbor Museum on the island of O’ahu.

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Alaska, in turn, will ensure contact with wildlife. It’s easy to meet face-to-face with a moose or a bear, and admiring fjords and glaciers is one of the greatest attractions of the least populated state in the United States. Alaska is famous for its national parks, such as Denali Park, which is home to the highest peak in North America – Mount Denali. Many tourists head to Cooper Landing to admire the beauty of the turquoise Kenai Lake. Anchorage is a place worth visiting to observe the daily lives of the Alaskan people. It is the largest city in this state, it will also be a place where we do not have to worry about a close encounter with bears, and when you stop here, you must visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center. This is a museum that tells the history of the indigenous people of this state.

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Mt. Denali, Alaska © iStock

Winter Colorado or crazy remnants in New Orleans

Winter in Colorado is sure to please every ski or snowboard lover. This state provides not only great snow conditions on the slopes, but also almost 300 sunny days a year. The most famous ski resort not only in Colorado, but probably also in the USA, is, of course, Aspen in the Rocky Mountains. This place is liked by the world’s greatest stars, so a walk around the corners of the resort may end with a meeting, among others Elton John. Aspen Resort consists of four resorts, where both beginners and advanced enthusiasts of snow fun will find something for themselves. The largest of these is Aspen Snowmass. Another ski resort in Colorado is Vail – which is also the largest ski resort of this type in the USA. Beaver Creek is also very popular, while fans of smaller crowds on the slopes should go to the town of Telluride.

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The Colorado is perfectly contrasted by Louisiana, located on the Gulf of Mexico. The most popular place in this region is, of course, New Orleans. This true cradle of jazz, famous for its atmosphere and visible influence of French and Creole culture. The oldest neighborhood in New Orleans is the French Quarter, where you can spend time in the party part of Bourbon Street or admire the colonial architecture. Take a ride on the historic tram line, for example to the Garden District. The list of monuments in the city includes, among others St. Louis Cathedral, and history lovers should go to the museum of the Second World War. Interestingly, a popular attraction in New Orleans are… cemetery tours – we can find here surprisingly impressive tombs! It is also worth going on a boat trip or trying your hand at diving. For dessert, there are crazy remnants and carnival fancy dress parades. Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a real treat for the senses!

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Mardi Gras in New Orleans © iStock

Hot Arizona versus the climatic Washington state

Arizona is one of the largest states in the US, associated primarily with a desert landscape with cacti and red rock formations. The vast majority of Arizona residents do not complain about too low temperatures, but the northern part of the state has a slightly different climate. Let’s focus on Arizona’s top attractions. The number one tourist list is, of course, the Grand Canyon, carved by the waters of the Colorado River. Lovers of rock landscapes will surely remember visiting the Antelope Canon or the Horseshoe Bend, a horseshoe-shaped valley. Virtually every photo from a trip around Arizona is ready-made material for a postcard. Fans of bird’s-eye views (and owners of a thicker wallet) can admire Arizona from the deck of a helicopter!

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Is it worth replacing sunny Arizona with the cloudy aura for which Washington, located in the northeastern part of the United States, is known? Yes, if we take a closer look at its attractions! Washington state’s domain are national parks, including Olimpic National Park, where you can admire HOH Rain Forest, i.e. rainforests shimmering with every shade of green. The Mount Rainier National Park with the peak of the same name above it is also noteworthy. Tourists who appreciate the Tuscan climate and tranquility will have a fond memories of their stay in the rural Palouse region, while lovers of the urban climate should head to Seattle. The symbol of the city is the 184-meter-high Space Needle with a vantage point at the top. It is in Seattle that fans of grunge music or… Starbucks will go on a sentimental journey!

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