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This year, why not play Santa? But, instead of presents, you’re giving the gift of memories by taking your loved ones on a trip. But first you’ll need to get from your sleigh to the plane!

There is a small box under the Christmas tree. For now, it’s empty. But soon it will be brimming with shared memories of your trip. Away from the daily grind and in the face of new challenges and experiences, bonds are strengthened, while  sharing the joy and downtime of travel brings a sense of fulfilment. It’s a gift that gives you so much more than temporary happiness – it’s an investment in your relationships and your collective wellbeing.

Couple looking at beautiful mountain view © iStock
Couple looking at beautiful mountain view © iStock

Winter holidays on the beach – Cyprus or Tenerife?

Fancy a winter break? Why not replace low temperatures, snow and fog with sunshine and a pleasant spring climate? Both Cyprus and Tenerife can offer you this and much more besides!


Cyprus is known as the Island of Aphrodite, in honour of the Greek goddess’ birthplace.It is an island ideal for a winter holiday as its Mediterranean climate provides excellent conditions for sightseeing, with daily temperatures of around 18 degrees Celsius. The island is also rich in native fauna and flora, making it an excellent choice for hikers. Visit a vineyard in Omodos or go on a history-hunting trip to Paphos to l see the famous Royal Tombs –the oldest of them dating back to the 4th century BC. You’ll also discover a 13th century Byzantine castle and an archaeological park with ancient mosaics.

Paphos view © iStock
Paphos view © iStock

Speaking of Paphos, you can easily book your scuba diving experience via eSky. Each participant undergoes training under the supervision of an instructor, culminating in diving up to five metres in the clear waters of the sea. If you can’t imagine your winter without snow then head to the Troodos Mountains where you can ski down the slopes of Olympus.

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Tenerife in winter guarantees the sun on your face and plenty of attractions. The largest of the Canary Islands captivates with its diversity. There are caves, volcanic hills, laurel forests, exotic flora, sandy and rocky beaches to enjoy. The Island of Eternal Spring provides balmy temperatures, although you can also see snow on its highest peak, the Pico del Teide volcano. Travel to the top by cable car to admire the most beautiful panoramas across the island. In Teide National Park you will also meet many skywatchers, with special vantage points erected to observe the night skies. Unforgettable views are also provided by high cliffs, such as Los Gigantes.

A view of the starry sky over Tenerife © iStock
A view of the starry sky over Tenerife © iStock

Relax in a vineyard, for example in the Tacoronte-Acentejo region. In San Cristobal La Laguna, you can visit the UNESCO-listed Old Town, with clear colonial influences and colourful buildings that provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos. Tenerife is also the perfect place to take a whale and dolphin-watching cruise and, if times allows, enjoy rest, relaxation and maybe a little diving in the bay.

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A European capital city break: Amsterdam or Paris?

If a longer holiday isn’t on the cards for a little while then a city break makes a perfect gift. A trip to one of the European capitals is perfect for an extended date, a friends’ trip or special moments with the family.


The city of canals, cheese, tulips and museums, Amsterdam is a good idea for a city break at any time of the year. Visit the famous Bloemenmarkt flower market and the Royal Palace, with its well-known sculpture of Atlas carrying the globe. Go for a walk in one of the city’s many parks – Vondelpark attracts tourists and residents alike. In the evening, visit the Red Light District or go for a cheese tasting at a local restaurant. Amsterdam is full of narrow, tall tenement houses, made eye-catching with their colours and decorative gables. It is also a cyclist’s city, with bicycles dotting its landscape. When it comes to museums, the list is long. The Rembrandt House, the Rijksmuseum and finally, the Vincent van Gogh Museum, which contains more than 200 paintings, 500 drawings and 750 letters by the famous artist.

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Typical Amsterdam architecture © iStock
Typical Amsterdam architecture © iStock


In winter, the City of Lovers feels even more romantic, as the monuments and streets are illuminated – perfect for long walks. The Champs Elysées, Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and Versailles mean it is impossible to be bored in Paris. Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy shopping in famous boutiques and tasting local delicacies, such as foie gras, fruit tarts and butter croissants with delicious coffee? If travelling with kids, Paris also makes a great base for Disneyland Paris. When it comes to our offer of attractions we suggest visiting the Louvre, followed by a cruise along the Seine. In Europe’s most famous museum, you’ll see works of art such as the Mona Lisa and the Venus de Milo. Meanwhile, a Seine cruise is a great way to get to know the city from a different perspective, with views of the Eiffel Tower, Orsay Museum and Notre-Dame Cathedral from the water.

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View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris © Martyna Górna
View of the Eiffel Tower in Paris © Martyna Górna

Paris is also an excellent base for trips to Disneyland. Meet your favourite Disney characters and relive your childhood dreams. There are plenty of thrilling rides, including Space Mountain. You can also sail on a ship from Pirates of the Caribbean or play the swashbuckling role of Indiana Jones. Elsewhere in the park you’ll meet princesses walking around. Your day ends with the iconic view of the Disney Castle, beautifully illuminated by fireworks. This is the perfect opportunity to share your memories with a loved one and feel as carefree as you did as a child.

A busy city break in Stockholm or Nice?

A city break gives you the chance to maximise your weekend with a Friday to Monday getaway – a gift for busy people who can’t afford a longer holiday. Just a short flight separates you from a magical trip to Stockholm or Nice.


53 bridges link Stockholm’s 14 distinct islands and Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, occupies four of them. Walking through this district, you pass rows of old buildings painted red, yellow and orange. Ferries and boats constantly pass along the canals between the islands – the water traffic is very similar to the city’s main streets! As you cruise around the Stockholm archipelago, the views and calm waters provide the perfect backdrop for your conversations and moments together.

Couple in Stockholm © shutterstock
Couple in Stockholm © shutterstock

At the ABBA Museum you’ll hear Benny Andersson play piano “live”, even though he’s not actually there in person.The museum’s instrument is connected to his home piano and plays whenever Benny decides to make music. After learning about the group’s worldwide phenomenon, why not go to a karaoke bar or club to sing and dance to their popular songs? You can also visit the Södermalm district. Popular cafes, clubs and shops are located near the wooden cottages – some of the oldest buildings in Stockholm.

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The capital of the Côte d’Azur is loved by artists, tourists, luxury shoppers and wine connoisseurs. It is also worth visiting the surrounding cities, such as Monaco and Cannes. Nice’s art galleries, grand hotels and Old Town full of colourful, historic tenement houses make it a year-round destination. Take a walk along the Promenade des Anglais and explore the port area, where you will see traditional fishing boats next to expensive yachts.

Street in Nice © Unsplash
Street in Nice © Unsplash

A unique view is guaranteed by Castle Hill and Mont Boron. As part of the many attractions of this area, eSky also offers a tour of Provence combined with a wine tasting. In just one day you can visit a vineyard, an olive plantation, see a waterfall and enjoy a breathtaking view of the French Riviera from Gourdon.

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