Need to break away from everyday life and recharge your batteries? What could be better than a city break? It’s the perfect way to brighten up the grey winter days and create memories with loved ones, family and friends. Check out our suggestions for a short family break to an amusement park, a romantic trip to Budapest or sampling the local flavours of Naples.

Why are city breaks popular?

Are you wondering if a city break is for you? We think a city break can work for everyone, regardless of age, interests, free time, season or budget. City breaks can be really inexpensive – just take advantage of the low-cost airlines’ promotions, book for two-three nights, find out when sightseeing is free and eat like the locals do. What’s more, when flying overseas for a few days’ trip, you can get away with taking just hand luggage like a backpack or small suitcase. Not only will your flight be cheaper, but you can start sightseeing immediately after arrival.

If you don’t like wasting time travelling or have limited vacation time, you’ll be happy to know that a city break in Europe can be enjoyed with just an hour or two’s flight time. It’s also the perfect solution if you’re travelling with children as they won’t get bored. A short flight also translates into longer to explore the city or enjoy the attractions. Regardless of what you choose to do on your break, getting away from everyday life for a few days is the best recipe for relaxing and really getting to know the city you are visiting.

Grandpa with a grandson in an amusement park © shutterstock
Grandpa with a grandson in an amusement park © shutterstock

A family friendly short break? Fun at Europa-Park!

Where to go with children? Where can you find attractions that are tailored to kids’ needs and ages? Why not try one of Europe’s fantastic amusement parks? The best amusement parks in Europe are all closer than they seem, for example Disneyland and Puy du Fou in France, Tivoli Gardens and Legoland in Denmark, and Europa-Park in Germany. The latter is extremely tempting due to its 95 hectare size that houses over 100 attractions – including 13 rollercoasters and water rides!

Water ride at Europa Park © pixabay
Water ride at Europa Park © pixabay

Another advantage is its relatively low travel costs. Take a cheap flight to Basel or Baden-Baden – from there it is around 80-90 km to the park, which can be covered by rental car, or train to Ringsheim Europa Park station followed by bus 7231 that will take you to Europa-Park’s gates. There is a hotel, restaurant and parking on site and, as an added bonus, children aged four and under do not pay an admission fee. Guests up to the age of 12 can also enter for free on their birthday. Although the attractions in the amusement park can keep you busy for a few days, we’d recommend spending a day or so in the spa town of Baden-Baden or Basel on the Rhine – the perfect combination for travellers young and old!

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Budapest – a city break for couples and singles

Where to go for the cheap getaway? This is the question on everyone’s lips when it comes to city breaks. Budapest is the destination that will satisfy both couples and singles. A trip to the capital of Hungary is not only inexpensive, but packed with charming historic buildings, delicious local cuisine and the city’s famous thermal baths. A trip to Budapest is a great idea for a romantic getaway and Budapest at night is especially impressive. Atmospheric streets are illuminated by the warm lantern light, you’ll find small restaurants with alfresco tables on every corner and delightful parks conducive to walking such as the Japanese gardens on St. Margaret and the Füvészkert botanical park.

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A couple in Budapest © shutterstock
A couple in Budapest © shutterstock

Budapest is a university city, bustling with life day and night. You will certainly not be bored here if you travel solo. From museums and art galleries, to the local romcocsms that operate in the remains of abandoned buildings, factories and shops; your stay in the Hungarian capital will enable you to reach all the most important attractions on foot. What to see in Budapest? In Pest, head to the characteristic parliament building, Heroes’ Square with the Museum of Fine Arts and the most beautiful street in Europe – Andrássy út and the Basilica of St. Stefan. Also, stroll along the Danube boulevards. In Buda, take advantage of the thermal baths and vineyards with tempting local drinks.

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City break in Naples – travel for foodies

Where to go on a city break where food is the star of the show? Italy is always a good destination for gourmands, and Naples is a stand-out, especially for those who love pizza. Pizza in Naples is so much more than just food, The capital of Campania lies in the shadow of the majestic Mount Vesuvius, and its signature dish is considered to be the symbol of the whole region – especially its classic margharita and marinara varieties. Head to the famous Pizzeria Di Mateo, Pizzeria Brandi or Gino e Toto Sorbillo for the best examples. The streets, especially around the centro storico, are filled with small bars and stalls serving street food. On Via Toledo you can buy o’cuoppo di mare a paper cone with fried and breaded seafood, or deep-fried arancini and panzerotti.

Woman eating Neapolitan pizza © shutterstock
Woman eating Neapolitan pizza © shutterstock

If you love seaside food, Naples, Italy’s second largest port city, is sure to please you. Where to eat fish and seafood dishes? Be sure to visit the Pescheria Azzurra market. There is a bar here serving up warm dishes from the catch of the day. However, the city is not just famous for its filling and aromatic cuisine. In the city’s historic area you will be delighted by the Rococo interiors of the Cappella Sansevero Museum, the Duomo di Napoli cathedral and the royal palace, Palazzo Reale di Napoli. Also in the area, you can visit the ancient Pompeii, the island of Procida with its famous colourful houses and trek to the top of Mount Vesuvius itself. Want to soak up the sun in the middle of winter? Enjoy cheap flights to Naples all year round.

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